• About Us

    School Facilities Group (SFG) is an independent consulting firm led by Seymour Schwartz. It is unique in its unmatched combination of facility management, construction, and architectural expertise. Seymour’s long career as an architect and Director of Buildings and Grounds.
  • Recent Accomplishments

    • Eliminated a Life Safety violation.
    • Holding an performance contracting company accountable to its contract.
    • Resolving a drinking water contamination problem.
    • Improving custodial maintenance and grounds work.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. We have an architect, why do we need School Facilities Group?
    2. Can you help our district save money?
    3. Can you help me optimize the productivity of our custodial and maintenance efforts?
  • Testimonials

    “…Mr. Schwartz is very knowledgeable and experienced in assessing our needs and creating proactive plans to help us identify and address areas of improvement. He is hands-on and actively involved in all aspects of the district’s construction, preventative maintenance and quality"